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What is the "Heal Your Life ®" Workshop?

A transformational and practical workshop created by best-seller author Louise L. Hay, where we experience the power of her work and learn to re-program our subconscious mind, to preserve all which is good, to have more of what life offers us and, when necessary, to eliminate negative beliefs that do not support us anymore.

This workshop is an invitation to take a deep look to your current thinking patterns and where do these come from; a kind proposal to gently shift your thoughts so that you can transform your life.

During this workshop, we do exercises that help us to…

♥  Notice and recognize ALL the good in our life,

♥  Identify ideas, behavioral patterns and beliefs that limit us, and strengthen those which take us positively forward,

♥  Release and dissolve negative experiences and let go of the past

♥  Learn how, why and when we are sabotaging ourselves or recreating the same undesirable situations again and again,

♥  Understand and work with the body-mind-spirit relation,

  Discover the main causes (subconscious or conscious) that keep us attached to the past and don’t allow us to live in the present,

♥  Heal our lives!

The practical tools and exercises in a "Heal Your Life®" workshop support your growth and enhance many aspects of your life, for example health, career & job, finances, family, friendships, love relationships, parenthood, personal growth, body and weight, mood, prosperity, wealth, etc.

In addition, with the constant practice of the techniques learned, you may be able to dissolve and transform situations such as:


 ​♥  chronic illnesses or pains to vital and vibrant health

 ♥  low self-esteem and low energy feelings into lavishly flowing love, for yourself and others

 ♥  poverty thinking and poor finances to abundance and increasing prosperity

 ♥  lack of creativity and stucked career to ever new and fresh ideas and skyrocket push to your career

 ♥  desperation, anxiety and frustration into constant peace and contentment all-surrounding

 ♥  overweight and emotional eating or eating disorders into a perfect balance within your body and mind

All with the objective of accepting and approving of ourselves so that we can do the same for others in a more deep and fulfilling way.

"Louise's books are great, but this workshop is fantastic because you can practice

most of the concepts and the guidance of the teacher is invaluable. 

You can't get it in the books.

I highly recommend this workshop, [...] you'll enjoy a wonderful experience.

Thank you Karla for appearing in my life."
- Fernando Gomez, Mexico

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