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Subscribe to a workshop in South Korea using 


Would you love to participate to this life-changing experience, but your finances are a bit tight for the moment?

You can now make your investment using Paypal subscription option. This enables you to pay in two or three monthly installments,​ by using your credit card or PayPal account.


​♥ By using this subscription option with PayPal, you agree to the payments details and cancellation policy.

​♥ You agree to be charged two monthly installments (each of 192.5 USD) or three monthly installments (each of 130 USD) for one workshop, according to the option you select.

​♥ Two Monthly installments option is valid until August 17th (Last day subscription can be done)

​♥ Three Monthly installments option is valid until July 17th (Last day subscription can be done)

​♥ First charge is done right after subscribing and the rest exactly one month after another accordingly.

​♥ Ensure you select the right option which suits you best


Sorry! Promotion has expired! Contact us if you would like to discuss your case



Note: you can either use your existing PayPal account or your credit card.

For security reasons, if you use your credit card, PayPal may request you to create an account (free).

If you have any question or if there was any trouble with your transaction, please contact us

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