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Enroll to an Event

Magical Life supports associations and individuals in Finland and other countries to organize and make accessible events, classes, lectures and workshops to people who are interested on their health, emotional well-being, self-growth and development but are not YET able to either invest much time or money.


Fill in the form below to register!

If you would like to know more, or have a session for your group of friends or organization, please contact me!

When you register for a free event, you are making a promise to attend, in case you cannot make it, please let us know in advance and cancel your registration as soon as possible so that other person can have the opportunity to join. You can do so using the contact form.

These events have limited seats availability.


You will receive 2 emails, one with the form you have just filled in and the second is the actual confirmation with detailed information about schedule, venue, agenda, etc.


Ensure that your email address is correct! All attendants and companions need to be registered. If you don't receive these two emails within 2 days check your spam folder or contact me.

Thank you so much for your interest and your trust!


Privacy Note: Your personal data is never shared nor distributed to third parties


After submitting the form you might need to scroll up! Please check your SPAM folder.

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