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My story...

My journey towards transformation probably began when I left my home country and lived a fascinating and humble life in the Asian Subcontinent India: a complete different culture, on the other side of the planet, meeting people from all around the world!

Little did I know, the mind and spiritual change were still years ahead.

After some years, I got transferred to the other extreme again, but not towards back home, instead a little bit up north, close to the North Pole.

Literally the complete opposite of my beloved Incredible India: the Nordic Land of Finland. Once again, bringing to my life quite interesting changes: much less people, much more silence, green during summer and white during winter! And definitively, a bit colder.

If there is something I do know for sure by experience is that “change is the only constant” and that humans have a great capacity to adapt to everything. Or at least this is what you need when you move from a South Asian Culture to an Scandinavian one, from 40°C to -20°C.

But my real internal transformation started when things at work became harder for me: I got so absorbed into my job, stressed out most (if not all) of the time and mostly.

I did not know to do anything else but to work and I made it my only priority in life. I was a dedicated workaholic. Naturally, I didn't know any of this at that time and to be very honest, I actually loved my job (and I still do, but in a more relaxed way).

My life was my job. As an exceptional performer and with all the recognition I had, my ambition and success became probably more of an obsession and I never realized it until I got diagnosed of an autoimmune dis-ease.

That year was hard. I still don’t know how I survived. Perhaps due to the capacity of adjustment we all have or, most likely, thanks to the support and patience of my beloved ones.

It is really until now that I understand how important is to ask for help and to welcome the support, regardless of your beliefs or pride. And to be patience to yourself, to give yourself good periods of relaxation in both ways, mentally and physically.

So, all the stress I had – and that I myself searched for – the difficulties of the dis-ease (spelled like this on purpose) which put my life in danger, and my own beliefs about life and the importance of work plus a great deal of resentment and unforgiveness, contributed to my state and its complications.

The treatment for the dis-ease just added more pressure: the only options offered by doctors where too drastic: radiation therapy or surgery. And they urged me to make a decision immediately.

Therefore, I got surrounded by a bunch of wars: at work, against doctors, friends, family, random people, etc. And for many months I did the best I could in such a desperate situation: trying to find comfort and support, complaining of the system and blaming everything and everyone else and building up more resentment and criticisim. 

I was so angry and of course, I had to point those who – in a way I believed – influenced my life to put me where I was: I felt a victim of injustice and abandoned by the "modern medicine".


I did not realized either that I was just like Don Quijote  fighting windmills. And even when my loved ones would point that out, it just didn't make sense to me. "My stuff is real" I used to say. And eventually, I made everyone tired I suppose.

When I got invited to a workshop called “You can heal your life” I hesitated at first. It sounded like a big "flower power" thing, but something inside me said it was for me. I didn't know anything about Louise Hay at that time, neither read any of her material. I was just open to  find a solution and needed one soon. Doctors kept pressing and my medical records were not looking good.

Something inside me made me understand, in between my own internal shouting, that I had gotten myself sick over a period of time (and now I know it was really a long ​period), so I could get well and it was going to take time as well.

And what my surprise was that I had to “give up my pride” and let go of the past and forgive those "horrible" things that were done to me; to be responsible of what I was experiencing, which only meant to consciously respond to my experiences in a more positive and loving way, and to change my thoughts; to go back in time and think about my beliefs and thought patterns. And also to really stop thinking and blaming myself for things I've done so long ago and to let it go, to forgive myself and accept that I've been doing all the best I can "with the knowledge, understanding and awareness I had at the time".

For a while it looked to me that the foundation I was “built on”, was falling down in pieces! Even when coming back from that amazing workshop I got swine flu! 

My transformation and change didn't come from one day to another or by snapping my fingers: I had to work with all the techniques I learned and with myself, with my reactions and emotions, with the daily decisions and mostly with the past. The most important thing I did was to commit to my own healing and to the relationship I have with myself.


I had to really dedicate lots of time on it. And when it was a difficult day, I still kept on doing and this was the hardest thing. You can compare it to those movies where there's physical training and the guys are too tired to keep going but the coach does not let them give up. Just that I'd be both the trainee and the coach.


But once I started seeing the results, I knew I took the perfect way to heal not only the "outside" but mostly the "inside".

I feel much more at peace and free, and this has greatly helped me at my workplace: I handle stressful situations with ease, uncertainty is my friend and I know how to collaborate with “difficult” colleagues, although nowadays I only attract those who have the same motivation and inspiration as I do.

I have developed much more patience and thanks to the inner peace that I keep inside me, my decisions are more clear and precise. I know that I can keep being an exceptional performer and this comes naturally, not pushing it. If things don’t work as I planned, I don’t get angry or frustrated that easily or try to search someone to blame. I simply change my direction and try something different.

The most important thing: I breathe​ and enjoy holidays!

Naturally, with all the changes in mind and spirit, my body responded positively as well and today I can proudly say that the levels of auto-antibodies have lowered dramatically (opposed to Doctors' prognosis) and my other blood levels are in normal range, the most important thing: all symptoms and risks disappeared! I have ran already my first half-marathon and ready for more! Nowadays I am surfing even when I had that deep fear of dying drowned. And I am more confident on trying new things, such as Martial Arts and Parkour.

I am extremely happy and grateful for all the results and due to my strong desire to continue my healing and transformation processes, I decided to get certified as a “Heal Your Life” teacher.

I was trained in UK (Birmingham) by Dr. Patricia Crane, who worked directly with Louise Hay and since 1995 was approved to train and certify other persons in her philosophy, I am now part of this elite group of Healing Teachers.

Later on, at the retreat with Louise Hay I got in touch for the first time with EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and decided to become a practitioner - in addition to my ongoing IT career - and I combine both HYL and EFT which turned out to be very powerful.

My personal growth and learning continues and gets enriched with the essence of each person who I have had the wonderful and loving opportunity to help and support in their own transformational process, through these life-changing workshops and Louise's work.

It is a vital circle of harmony, health, joy, happiness, prosperity and love that we all form part of.

Everyone changes, and everyone can transform its own life in something even more amazing. It is a choice, it is always a choice.

Life is not what happens to you, but what you do with what happenes to you...
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