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About me

Hi, my name is Karla and I am a Computer Systems Engineer who loves sports, dancing, writing and music and since my own transformation I quite enjoy to meditate.


I am a certified “Heal Your Life®” teacher licensed and approved by Hay House, leader publishing house in self-development programs. I am also an EFT advanced practitioner certified by Karl Dawson (EFTMRA) one of the few founding EFT masters and cretor of Matrix Reimprinting, which I have trained as well.


I provide transformational workshops in Finland and around the Globe! I have international experience in Finland, Mexico, Spain, UK, Australia and being a pioneer in Czech Republic, Poland and South Korea where I have been welcomed 3 years in a row.​ I have been a speaker and teacher in an international beautiful environment.


Karla is a certified Heal Your Life teacher, EFT advanced practitioner, certified assertiveness coach and famous public speaker. Learned from the best: Louise Hay
Karla & Louise Hay

I am the only HYL Teacher in Finland and one of the few in Europe who joined the last retreat led by Louise Hay in 2013, an event which is no longer organized.


This has given me the powerful experience of enjoying her teachings directly and closely during 5 fantastic days full of love and wonderful learning. I am grateful for this experience and eager to share the latest ideas with you. During this same event, I also learned fantastic concepts and ideas from Cheryl Richardson and Barbara Carrellas.

​In addition, I have had the opportunity of witnessing the power of Louise’s work in my own life: I was diagnosed with an autoimmune dis-ease (spelled like this on purpose) -- controllable only with radiation therapy, surgery or drugs (according to modern medicine) - and I have now achieved a more peaceful state, free of symptoms, without brutalizing my body or having long-lasting side effects.​

I am still a  "work in progress", and it is my believe that once we embark on this journey of self-discovery, it becomes a lifetime adventure. I have experienced as many dark nights of the soul as joyful bliss of peace and harmony. I have also understood the importance of the contrast between light and darkness and still learning on how to keep my vibe and spirits up regardless of the circumstances. However, when it comes time to really feel those heavy moments, I allow myself to be there. This is what I wish to share, not techniques to run away, but tools to embrace every single moment of life and use them to be authentically you.

Karla & Cheryl Richardson

​I have wide experience on teaching and training - as part of my daily job and career in IT - giving me a realistic view of the daily affairs of Life - and participants to my "Heal Your Life ®" workshops are equally benefited from my own work experience. 

During my workshops and seminars I gently take you through the different aspects of "Heal Your Life ®" while having lots of fun and energy as well as deep moments of self-discovery in a very safe and trustworthy environment.

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