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Featured Weekly Sessions in Helsinki, Finland


Welcome to experience a powerful, loving, caring time with a very important person in your life: you!



A life-changing weekly program in Finland Capital Area!

♥ Overcome fear and take back the control of your mind, thoughts and life.

 Re-focus on your thoughts in order to manifest positive experiences in health, prosperity, relations, work, etc.

♥ Apply new daily routines so that you can nourish self-worth, self-love and self-acceptance.

♥ Use easy and practical techniques to attract all the good in your daily life.

♥ Heal the relation with yourself and with others using the power of forgiveness.

♥ Calm and silence the internal critique which keeps you stuck and suffocates your creativity.

♥ Recover the natural healthy state of your body, understand how you influence the way you feel and look

♥ Create strong affirmations that supports you to align your thoughts and enjoy your life.

♥ Re-take the road easily when you feel overwhelmed by negative or stressing thoughts, situations and feelings.

Discover how you can be, feel and live more prosperous, wealthy, safe, happy and healthy!!​

Topics (in high level...)

​♥ About Louise Hay work

 Body-mind connection

 Inner Child

 Mirror Work

♥ Negative thinking

EFT / Tapping

 Attracting positive experiences to your life (health, work, prosperity, love, peace)

 The past, old emotions, guilt, anger and resentment

 Family and early mind programming

 Letting go, dissolving fear, closing cycles, forgiveness

♥ Loving and approving yourself

♥ The art of journaling and creating self-treatments and affirmations

Change your thoughts, transform your life​

Who is this for?

            Anyone who is...

♥ eager to create more joy, balance, prosperity, abundance and harmony in their life

 looking for a caring healing approach for both the inside and the outside

 ready to make a shift and embrace life

 willing to learn how to release all fear and doubts

 feeling stuck or unmotivated

 facing stress, anxiety or dis-ease

 searching for that spark in their life

 looking to this event!!


Karla Peronio & Louise Hay

"Louise's books are great, but this workshop is fantastic [...]

and the guidance of the teacher is invaluable, you can't get it in the books.

I highly recommend this workshop[...]"

Fernando Gomez, Mexico





  Program Investment (4 weekly sessions, see schedule below)

Early Bird                         65 EUR per session*, per person / total 260 EUR, valid until 18.5.

Midsummer Special         120 EUR per session*, per couple  / total 480 EUR, valid the first three couples

Normal                             80 EUR per session*, per person / total 320 EUR

Vouchers & Promos         Several discounts, announced during lectures, in Facebook or Twitter  !


* Each session is part of a complete program. They are linked and dependant to each other and offered only as a single complete course.

Check here for more information on the investment options.


​"The workshop is the best present you can give yourself and others.
Karla is a wonderful, warm person and excellent coach and she can really help you
turn over a new page in your life. The rest is up to you..."​
Katarzyna Okere, Poland


  Program includes...

Breakfast  (on both Saturday sessions)                   Coffee breaks

All materials                                                            Detox Program and a surprise gift

Post-workshop support & guidance                           Follow-up session 



Total duration, approximately 20 hours of teachings, learning and practice in 4 weekly sessions

Sat   6.6.      9:00hrs - 19:00hrs  (Full day! - 10hrs)

Fri   12.6.   18:00hrs - 21:00hrs  (3hrs)

Wed 17.6.   18:00hrs - 21:00hrs  (3hrs)

Sat  27.6.    9:00hrs - 13:00hrs  (4hrs) (will be re-scheduled in advance as per group's availability )


  About your HYL Teacher

​Read more about your workshop leader here and check the

recommendations and testimonials here.




Gyldenintie 12, Lauttasaari

00200 Helsinki


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Give yourself a chance... you are worth it!
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