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You Can Heal Your Life® in Finland

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Welcome to experience a powerful, loving, caring time with a very important person in your life: YOU!

A life-changing intensive workshop in Finland's Capital Area!

♥ Manifest positive experiences in health, prosperity, relationships, career and all other areas in your life.

 Learn to attract all the good in your daily life and nourish self-worth, self-love and self-acceptance.

 Overcome fear and limitations and recover easily when you feel overwhelmed.

 Learn practical techniques to help you respond to any situation in a more positive and relaxed way.

 Let go of resentment, blame, guilt, stress, doubt, criticism and any other negative behaviors.

 Develop full awareness and understanding about yourself and your history and how these influence your present.

 Recognize and release patterns and beliefs that limit your joy, creativity, motivation and healing.

♥ Calm and silence the internal critique which keeps you stuck and suffocates your creativity.

 Recover the natural healthy state of your body and understand the connection between body, mind and spirit.

 Heal the relationship with yourself and with others using the power of forgiveness.


Give yourself permission to be, feel and live more healthy, prosperous, graceful, loving, connected, safe and healthy

Topics (in high level...)

​♥ About Louise Hay work

 Body-mind connection

 Inner Child

 Mirror Work

♥ Negative thinking

EFT / Tapping

Letting go and Surrender

 Attracting positive experiences to your life (health, work, prosperity, love, peace)

 The past, old emotions, guilt, anger and resentment

 Family and early mind programming

 Grief, dissolving fear, closing cycles, forgiveness

♥ Loving and approving yourself 

♥ The art of journaling and creating a dream board

♥ Your creative power: self-treatments, affirmations and dream board

Change your thoughts, transform your life​

Who is this for?


Anyone who is...​

♥ eager to create joy, balance, prosperity, abundance and harmony in their life,

 looking for a caring healing approach for both the inside and the outside,

 in need of peace of mind,

 ready to make a shift and embrace life,

 willing to learn how to release all fear and doubts and to have trust and self-confidence,

 feeling stuck or unmotivated,

 searching for that magic in their life,

 looking to this event!!

Meet your teacher


Karla Yksisarvinen Peronio is a public speaker and certified “Heal Your Life®” licensed teacher, EFT advanced practitioner and certified assertiveness coach with international experience, coaching and teaching in well-being and personal development area since 2012. She is the only teacher in Finland and one of the few in Europe who has learned from Louise Hay at her last exclusive retreat. With diplomas on Positive Psychology, Work Psychology and training on "TED talk speaking", she has had life experiences that helped her understand how she was the main contributor to her own Life. Diagnosed with an "incurable" autoimmune dis-ease, she chose the most effective way of healing, the healing from “within”, and took this experience as a journey of learning and self-discovery. Check her testimonials and recommendations.​ 




      Normal                              389 EUR per person

      Super Early Unicorn        259 EUR per person until 8.2.

      Early Unicorn Discount   289 EUR per person until 2.3.

      Last minute Unicorn       309 EUR per person until 16.3.

      Unicorn Special                530 EUR per 2pax, the first 3

      Vouchers & Promos         Up to 20% discount*

                                                                    *Announced in InstagramFacebook or Twitter!


Additional discounts for online registration via Facebook!


Like My Magical Life and check the event for further information on these discounts!




       Fri     18:00hrs - 21:00hrs - Introduction & Logistics **

       Sat   09:30hrs - 17:30hrs - Day 1

       Sun  09:30hrs - 17:30hrs - Day 2

       Mon 18:00hrs - 21:00hrs - Closure

**Contact me if Friday schedule is challenging, there is always a way!

  Total Duration

      3 days



      Breakfast & Lunch (Sat & Sun)

      Coffee breaks (non-stop)

      All materials

      Detox Program


      Post-workshop support & guidance


      Karakallio, Espoo

About your Workshop Leader

​You can find more information about your workshop leader here and all testimonials here.


Karla Peronio & Louise Hay

This is an investment worth the time and the money. Can't even compare with money what i got out of it! 

Do one good thing for your body, mind and soul this year and attend!!!

Karla, this workshop and your leadership and attitude was just absolutely amazing.

Thank you so much!"

Michaela Katz Craig, South Korea

Give yourself a chance... you are worth it!
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