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HYL® Intensive Weekend Workshop Terms



Enrollment process starts by filling in the registration form. Read the following information carefully prior to filling in the form! :)

 Registration is binding.

 After you enroll, you will receive an automatic confirmation via email with your enrollment details.


 Approximately 2-3 days later, you will receive a welcome message via email, payment instructions and further details.


 Attendees to this intensive workshop agree to the following:

 The intensive workshop runs for approximately 24 effective hours distributed over 3 days. The first day's session runs in the evening from 18:00hrs to 21:00hrs, the following two full day sessions run from 9:30hrs to 17:30hrs and the last day from 18:00hrs to 21:00hrs.


o It is most convenient FOR YOU that you follow the proposed schedule and that you join continuously the workshop. Remember, this is a time and space dedicated to you and to your growth!


o Avoid having any other event during this weekend, mostly during the workshop schedule and on Friday and Saturday night. You want to be relaxed, fresh, rested and energetic!


o It is not possible to skip a day, however if you have schedule constraints, don't let this put you off, contact me and let's check your situation in detail.


 Day 2 (Saturday) is a requirement for Day 3 (Sunday) and Day 4 (Monday)


o In case of missing Day 2, the remaining part of the workshop is cancelled with no reimbursement. 


 I am extremely grateful in advance for your punctuality! Please arrive on time as agreed with the group. Door closes sharp at 18:10hrs (on Fri & Mon) and 9:50hrs (on Sat & Sun).




We understand that sometimes things don’t go as planned, if you wish to cancel your attendance, our policy is as follows:

♥ There is a non-refundable fee of 150EUR for administrative expenses if the workshop is cancelled more than 3 weeks (or 15 working days) in advance.

 If for some reason you cannot longer participate but you have someone else to replace you, there is no cancellation fee.

o You are responsible for any arrangements between you and your replacement regarding your investment.

 There are no reimbursements for any cancellation less than 3 weeks before the event: investment to be paid in full (100%).

 In case of sudden illness and last minute cancellations (1-4 working days prior to the workshop) an administrative fee of 150EUR applies, provided that there is a doctor's certificate. 




 Super early unicorn discount, early unicorn discount and voucher/bonuses need to be paid in full prior to the expiry date of the promotion or as stated in your invoice.

o Payment after due date is subject to full investment.

 Contact me for more information, there is always a way and you always have a choice!

We reserve the right of admission. 

Subject to changes without advance notice.

Are you ready to truly transform your life?




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