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Do you feel you would like to do something different, something new - new job, career, lifestyle, relationship, etc - and when you are about to take thefirst step, you feel afraid and without knowing it you start sabotaging yourself?


It all starts with a small fearful and could be in any area of your life, for example in health, finances, relationships, work or even with simply things such as buying a new car or dress.


Fear is something that we face on daily basis and through this lecture you will learn some basic yet useful principles on how to cope with fearful experiences, where they come from and overcome fear in a positive way, helping you to give the first step towards your own journey, free of fear!


Based on own experience and on the work of best seller author Louise L. Hay, this lecture is a way to wake-up and move within yourself the power and wisdom you already have, to connect with what you already know, and fuel the energy and joy you deserve, even in whatever situation you may be at the moment.


Benefits of joining this session:

♥ Understand more how fear expresses itself physically and mentally and what are the potential triggers

 See fear as a natural part of life

 Learn some practical and simple tips to release fear

 Feel more open to see and live fear from a diferent and more positive point of view

♥ Develop a sense of responsibility of your own experiences

 Feel motivated to search and learn more about techniques and alternatives for personal growth

 Learn about another way of self-development 

 A very nice session to feel good and relaxed, is like a mind-massage! 

About the speaker:
Karla K. Peronio is a certified & licensed “Heal Your Life” teacher with international experience on delivering workshops and lectures based on the work of Louise Hay. She has had some life experiences that helped her be in contact with her inner self and realize the power that her own attitude and thinking has on her own life. Diagnosed with an autoimmune dis-ease, she chose the most effective way of healing, the healing from “inside”, and took this experience as a journey of learning and self-discovery.

"The Journey Begins..."
A free lecture and discussion about overcoming fear and limitations...
​I know what you might be passing through!​​​

​​​​​Practical Information






1.30 hours approximately:

- 1 hour Lecture

- 30min Discussion/ Q&A

   Or alternatively

3.00 hours approximately:

- 1 hour Lecture

- 1.30 hrs Movie Screening "You Can Heal Your Life"

- 30min Discussion/ Q&A







Given the limited seat availability everyone needs to register!


Given the limited seat availability everyone needs to register!

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