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What are the pre-requisites for attending?

The only needed thing is to have a genuine desire of change, to be willing to change and to do the work and exercises to succeed.

It is advisable, however not mandatory, to be familiar with Louise’s Hay work, either by reading one of her books, listening some of her recordings or by searching in Internet or her websites. Some recommendations:


  •  You can Heal Your Life
  •  The Power is Within You
  •  101 Power Thoughts
  •  You Can Create An Exceptional Life
  •  Heal Your Body

There are some few items needed - for example a mirror, a pillow and a toy. All details are given in advance to the confirmed participants. Groups are kept small between 10-14 people in order to ensure a personalized experience for everyone.

“Choose to believe that is easy to change a thought or a belief” ~Louise Hay

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